Camp Equipment & Capital Improvement Grant Program

Due to an abundant number of requests from camps serving children with inherited bleeding disorders, we no longer provide assistance to camps that do not serve children with inherited bleeding disorders. In addition, 25% of your yearly campers MUST be children effected by bleeding disorders.

The Camp Equipment and Capital Improvement Grant Program honors the spirit and vision of Colburn-Keenan’s founders.  Donald Colburn and Kathy Ann Keenan were true believers in the benefits of the camp experience for children.  The Foundation has developed this program to help camps serving children with inherited bleeding disorders.

Funding is available to help enrich or update your camp through the purchase of new equipment or by investing in facility improvement.

Think wish list – do you need something for your medical station, new sporting equipment, or maybe supply costs to build a new fire pit or storage shed?  The Foundation is open to your needs and ideas and is looking for you to tell us how this addition or improvement to your camp will make a difference.

Some of the terrific requests we have received to date are:


Inflatable Waterslide

Ping Pong Table

Inflatable Gaga Pit

Dunk Tank


Stadium Seating

Shade House

Projector with Screen

Digital Camera with Photo Printer

Laptop for movie making


Stackable washer/dryer

5 tier storage shelving w/ totes

Portable power station

Propane refrigerator/freezer

Intravenous practice arms

You can apply by emailing us at  Please include:


·       The name of your camp and dates for 2024.

·       The name and address of the facility you use.

·       How long has your camp existed?  How long have you been at this facility?

·       How many campers do you expect in 2024?

·       If your camp services bleeding disorders and chronic illnesses, we need your attendance broken down by disease states for the past 3 years i.e. Year 2020 - 100 campers (50 bleeding disorder, 25 diabetes, 10 heart conditions, 15 miscellaneous), and use the same format for the following 2 years

·       A description of the equipment or improvement for which you are requesting funding, and why it will make a difference.

·       The amount of funding requested.  A quote or product specifications/photo/pricing from a vendor’s catalog or website will strengthen your request.

·       If approved, the date by which you would need the funding.