Individual Grant Program

Download Individual-Assistance-Grant.pdf

or contact the Colburn-Keenan Foundation to request an application.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As of January 1, 2017, the Colburn-Keenan Foundation (CKF) will no longer offer the health insurance premium grant assistance portion of our Individual Assistance Grant Program due to various reasons.  You may contact CKF to find out how we may help in other ways.

The primary focus of the Colburn-Keenan Foundation’s charitable giving programs is to provide assistance and support to individuals and families impacted by chronic inherited bleeding disorders.  We may also consider providing assistance for other serious chronic illnesses, but ask that you contact the Foundation prior to completing this application

The Foundation’s individual grants are meant to help individuals and families meet their urgent medical, basic survival, and quality of life needs. The Foundation’s individual grant program is not able to remedy, nor is it to be used for, chronic or long-term financial difficulties.

Grants are awarded to meet urgent financial needs or to address special circumstances to improve the quality of life and health of members of the bleeding disorders and chronic illnesses communities. Grant awards are generally considered up to $2,000.00 per calendar year. Larger amounts may be granted, if considered appropriate by the Board of Directors.

Grant requests are submitted in written form using the Foundation’s grant application. Applications for the individual grant program will be considered throughout the year. The application is available upon request or by downloading the current application through the link at the top of this page.

Once submitted, applications and documentation materials are reviewed on a rolling basis in the order that they are received.

Examples of appropriate grant requests include requests:

  • to cover unexpected medical expenses
  • to pay utility bills
  • to purchase small appliances
  • to cover the cost of transportation to treatment
  • to pay rent
  • to purchase Medic Alert jewelry

These guidelines are general and may not apply to every circumstance.

  • Requests for assistance may come from individuals, family members, treatment center staff, case managers, and other agencies on behalf of an individual or family seeking grant funds.
  • The person(s) making the request needs to provide copies of all pertinent bills and other documentation as requested through the grant review process.
  • The Foundation assesses the financial status of the individual or family requesting help and may call others involved to verify need.
  • The person(s) requesting aid receives a follow-up letter detailing the decision reached by the Board of Directors of the Foundation. If a grant is approved, the person requesting aid will be informed of the amount and specifics of the grant assistance.
  • In most cases, checks are written to the creditor or vendor (i.e. Phone Company, Gas Company, hospital or landlord) and not directly to the applicant.

If you are interested in more information on the Colburn-Keenan Individual Grant Program, please contact the Foundation.